EP18 of the Sunday Night Smile was live on Sunday January 23, 2022 and Brother, It was COLD outside! Drew and Dan battled the frigid January temperatures to share LIVE music from our back porch, while Denise & Michael were in the comfort of our living room! January in the North East is cruel, but at least we know that it will be over in a few months!

Denise reflected on the Do Gooder program as a reminder that we can all be every day heroes by getting involved in the world around us. It doesn't take much time to help out an organization that does good, but the results are clearly measurable!New Year, New Twist - Doreen shared some insight into how we can still recycle glass - even with many municipalities are removing this recyclable from their weekly pickup.We're looking forward to continuing the Sunday Night Smile into 2022 and beyond!

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