Earth Day – feels like our Foundation's Birthday!

Emma loved her Mother Earth, that much is clear. We are trying to let that love live on through the projects that we attack and today was another great day for our Foundation, our Peace Gang and Mother Earth.

As the world (Yes, the world!) celebrates and demonstrates our collective support for environmental protection, our small but mighty group repeated our Litter Clean-up project along Pittsburgh's McKnight Road. Aided by the Ross Township Police, Noah and Megan assembled a team of about a dozen young people and took to the street for a few hours this morning.


Covering about 1 mile of this very busy shopping corridor, our gang helped do what others could have done – but chose not to. Put litter in its place. The group collected several fully stuffed bags of waste, recycled a huge bag of discarded items – and had a fun time (safely) playing in traffic.

We’ll be back in the fall to help button up this same stretch of highway before the winter sets in – hopefully we can expand both our group and the area covered.

This morning felt like we gave Mother Earth a great big hug!

Thank you Quinn, Mary, Tina, Max, Mia, Ben, Jared, Christian, Mollie, Julia, Quinn, Noah and Megan!

Much Love to you all! Emma’s Peace Gang

Emma's Peace Gang is our volunteer movement where we give young and old opportunities to do more for the world around them. Emma's Project Earth is our tribute to Mother Earth where we work to help the environment through tree planting, recycling and other projects to help limit man’s impact on the environment.  We do this all in honor of Emma Munson