When we began our Night Out With A Purpose program, we really wanted to inspire groups of adults to volunteer together – recognizing that once they started they may enjoy it more with a social hour at nights end. Secretly, we knew the enjoyment would come from both the work and the social hour.

What we didn’t consider was that other groups (read: families) would appreciate the good feeling of helping others – that is, until this past week.

Yesterday, a great group of the Kost family joined together to build a garden on the campus of the CDP Sisters in McCandless. The garden is located just below the infirmary where some of their community live or recover from illness, and includes 3 raised bed planters that are wheelchair accessible to allow another form of therapy for those that live there.

The CDP Sisters are such an inspirational group – truly living lives of service – and our group was so honored to help provide this area for their enjoyment. It was a hot day and very hard work – but when it was done we all had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment knowing that our efforts would in a very small way say “Thank You” to this community for the lives that they have enriched over the years.

This “DAY Out With A Purpose“ creates unlimited opportunities for families that feel blessed and want to help others as a group – it’s the ultimate team (and family) building experience!

Thank you Buzzy, Debbie, David, Sarah, Tom, Gillian, Andrew, Monica, Beth, Michael, Ann Marie, Terry, Jeremy, Dylan, Doreen, Domenic, Drew, Max, MIa and Noah.

So proud to have you AS OUR foundation.

With Emma's Peace Gang